FAQs for Businesses

How much does this service cost?

This depends greatly on the artist/s you decide to sponsor and is usually determined primarily by their follower numbers, engagement rates and the platforms they use for endorsement. There is no one set price for influencer marketing, so it relies heavily on the above-mentioned factors as well as market value at a particular time. 


Please note we will not charge any service fees on the first 2 posts or for the first week of posts that you order with our artists. After that we will charge a 6% service fee on each post, plus transaction fees if your are sending your payments from outside the UK. 

What kind of influencer marketing is available on SoundSight?

The main type of marketing we can guarantee with SoundSight is brand exposure as a minimum, and depending on the audience of the artist/s, specific product/service promotion, and in some cases affiliate marketing. 


As part of your agreement with the artist, we will ensure campaigns are reviewed after a certain period of time to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign - in which pricing can be adjusted (tips to artists could make for higher engagement rates and therefore increased exposure or sales). 



What kind of artist influencers are available with SoundSight?

We have a broad range of artists spanning a host of different countries, demographics and music genres. If you think a hard rock band would be most suitable for endorsing your products, we can provide, or if you think a hip hop or dance music artist would be most appropriate for your brand that’s no problem!


You’ll always be able to hear their music, and be given extensive details of their social media stats to help you decide which artist is right for you. 


Will we be locked into an agreement, and how long will it last?

This essentially depends on the specific agreement you have with the artist, you may have an agreement on a post by post basis (usually 1-3 posts at a time), or a long-term agreement over a given period of time, it’s up to you and the artist. 


We will always try to match you with artists that have similar commitments in mind - so if you’re looking for long term endorsement, we won’t send artists only looking to share a couple of posts your way. There will always be a review period around halfway during the agreed campaign, to make sure you’re both happy and agreements can be terminated if not. 



Why are there only musical artist influencers on your platform?

We are a company committed to supporting the independent sector of the music industry, and the best way to do this is by giving established independent artists the opportunity to earn extra ancillary income by promoting the products/services they love - and there are more and more DIY artists now going independent than ever before, many of whom have very large followings online. 


We believe there is much untapped influencer potential within the DIY artist sector, and lastly something to keep in mind is that if you use SoundSight for your influencer marketing, you’ll be supporting the independent music industry, as well as artists around the world who have been extremely hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are in most need of extra income!