FAQs for Artists

Is there any upfront cost to join SoundSight?

No, there are absolutely no upfront costs to join, signing up to our services is completely free of charge.


As an artist we will only deduct a 6-8% service fee from your sponsorship payments when you start receiving them, that is the only cost. 



What kind of business sponsors will you get?

As part of the signing up process, we will determine what products or services you are best suited to endorse within any particular niches if applicable, and then match you with the most appropriate business sponsors. Things like your music genre, your audience and any extra interests or areas of expertise you may have will play a major part in the matchmaking process. The sponsor will most likely be a music (or music related) business of some kind, ideally selling products or services within your niche of the music industry. Essentially, your matches could be anything from a fashion or drinks brand to musical instrument/equipment manufacturers or retailers. 

Your business sponsors will completely depend on what kind of artist/s you are, so sign up now and let us do the work of finding you a suitable sponsor for a valuable, effective and long-lasting partnership!



After signing up, am I guaranteed to get a sponsor?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will definitely find you a sponsor, and it may not be possible 100% of the time. But as it costs nothing to sign up (and hardly any of your time), there isn’t much to lose at all from giving it a go. 


Please note that the chances of getting a sponsor rely heavily on certain factors, for example:

  • the size of your online audience - but don’t worry if you don’t have 100k followers, even several thousand can be sufficient. 

  • your engagement rate - this is very important and gives an indication to the sponsor of how effective the results may be from your endorsement. Always communicate regularly with your followers and try to share posts that invoke a response from them to increase this. 

  • how regularly you post content on your social media - if you only post content once a month, or once every couple of months, sponsors will be less inclined to sponsor you (this also links to engagement rates). 

  • the interests and preferences of your followers - knowing as much as possible about the interests and preferences of your online audience will work wonders!


Please refer to our handy Artist Influencer Guide for tips and info about influencing as an artist, and the best ways to appeal to sponsors. 



What are my responsibilities as an artist influencer?

Your primary responsibility as an artist influencer is to endorse the products or services of your sponsor to your online audience, and you'll be required to share endorsement content on the chosen social media platform by the agreed dates/times, adhering to the post guidelines set out by us and your sponsors (the dates/times and guidelines will depend greatly on the specific sponsorship agreement you have and what kind of posts you're sharing on what platforms). Essentially, this is the only responsibility at your end which will guarantee your payments are received once delivered. 



What social media platforms can I use for endorsement?

There is not one specific platform, and depending on the preferences of you and your sponsor, endorsement content can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter. 


Currently the most common platforms for endorsement are Instagram (by far the most), Facebook and YouTube. 



When will I get paid, and how much?

This is an important question. When you get paid completely depends on your preferences as well as your sponsor's, and the agreement you have with them. How much depends on a whole range of factors based around your social media stats - refer to list in answer 3. 


There is no one set price for influencer marketing, and your engagement rate, follower numbers, the platform you use and the sponsor's budget will be the key factors to determine how much you will get per post. Do be rest assured that when we are contacting and negotiating with potential sponsors we will always try to get you the best rate, and we will not consider offers that are too low or unfair. 


You will receive your payments as soon as you have delivered the endorsement content (per post) and it’s been verified by us - as long as you stick to the guidelines, you are guaranteed your payment. Payment should be received by you 1-3 days from when the posts have been verified, and we will usually require you to provide screenshots as proof of delivery.  



What will be done with the data I provide to you when signing up, and thereafter?

This is also a good question; we will use the data for our own records to assist us with the sponsor recruitment process. The data you provide us will only be shared with the businesses we pitch to, and will not be shared with any other companies or third-parties. 


Can I join as a signed artist, or will I still be able to join if I have a manager or I’m signed with a management agency?

As we are a company committed to supporting DIY artists, if you are signed to any record label you will not be able to join SoundSight. 


If you’re an independent (unsigned) artist with a manager, or signed to a management agency you can still join SoundSight and use our services. Please note that however your profits from SoundSight are split is up to you and your manager, and the contract you have with them. Once you receive your payments it’s the responsibility of you and your management to split profits accordingly. Usually if you have a manager, they will be the person we’ll be in contact with to organise your sponsorship, but once you receive payments please make sure your management is paying you correctly based on the contract you have, as this is not the responsibility of SoundSight to do so.