Established DIY Artist

In The Studio

If you're an independent solo artist or band with a medium to large online following, an established artist membership will allow you to:

- Find and connect with the right online brand sponsors
- Set up fair agreements to earn ancillary income
- Stay in complete control of your deals at no upfront cost

- At least 6000 followers/subscribers on a social media platform
- At least a 0.75% engagement rate (please send us an enquiry at the bottom of this page if you would like us to calculate your ER for free)
- You share content at least weekly on social media

- Absolutely no cost to join and minimal fees on payments you receive
- Only commit to deals that suit you and stay in full control
- Get connected with the most suitable businesses that match your values, interests and commitments

Sign up for free now - with no upfront costs or obligations it's a risk free way to gain access to opportunities!