Find existing influencer platforms and agencies too expensive, complicated, or simply not distinct enough?

Is marketing to your audience within the arts and entertainment sectors too complicated, costly, or ineffective?

This is no surprise with existing agencies and influencer platforms barely offering much in the way of user-friendly, niche-specific or affordable marketing solutions.

If you’re a growing business or established brand and this speaks to you, then we can help…

Did you know that music related content receives on average a 1% higher engagement rate than all other influencer categories on social media; as well as 9/10 users doing music related activity on socials. So what’s going to convert more customers, the same old costly content from the same old lifestyle influencers, or endorsement on the latest music videos and social content from influential music creators?

Our database of music micro-talent span across a range of music genres, audience demographics and locations in the UK and US. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness long-term, or execute short-term marketing activations to a specific audience at a specific time, we have a solution for you.

So, how would you like an influential music creator within your specific niche to create authentic content endorsing your brand to your exact target demographic? All in just a few clicks and with secure payments that only go through after content is approved by you; with commission OR subscription fees a fraction of the price of what’s currently on the market.

Don’t just take it from us…Joe DiMarco from Dave Phillips Music and Sound said, “I love the personal touches that the artists put on the content.” after sponsoring two of our artists. See more reviews from countless other brands we’ve helped to market.

Join our growing business community, and stand out from your competitors by marketing with music talent today!

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