Find existing influencer platforms and agencies too expensive, complicated, or simply not distinct enough?

Looking for authentic content and distinctive marketing channels to boost your exposure, credibility and sales? That’s obviously a yes.

Perhaps you don’t have the budget for those costly and complicated influencer platforms, the time to trawl social media prospecting relevant creators, or the actual marketing know-how to establish a sponsorship deal in the first place. Well, we’ve got you covered!

One skeleton in the closet within the music industry is that independence is generally thought of as the biggest factor for fostering authenticity. Maybe this is why music related content receives on average a 1% higher engagement rate than any other content category on social media.
So why not use a marketing platform offering collaborations exclusively with independent and influential music creators?

Imagine if you could sponsor an established artist with a few clicks, with hundreds at your fingertips. Picture being able to narrow your search based on specific music genres, types of artists, and even the social causes they support (as well as all the big data stuff of course).

With SoundSight, you can execute your campaigns with ease to gain exposure and credibility in your specific niche. And we’re also building features that will allow you to order tailor-made music from our talented creators…what screams authenticity more than that.

Use our search filters to find the most relevant artists (and audiences) that fit your needs and budget. Then simply order content – including anything from logo or product placement, a full premium post with every asset imaginable, or even endorsement direct to a local concert attendees and live audiences – now if that doesn’t make you stand out among your competitors, we don’t know what will! Sure, any brand can get sponsored content on socials these days, but how many are reaching target audiences through live events?

You only pay once deliverables are provided as agreed and approved by you, or your money back!

Don’t just take it from us. Joe DiMarco from Dave Phillips Music and Sound said, “I love the personal touches that the artists put on the content.” after sponsoring two of our artists. See more reviews from countless other brands we’ve helped to market.

Create your free account today and only pay small commissions on each sponsorship fee.

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