Audience Exposure for Brands & SMEs

SoundSight is the sponsorship marketplace helping arts sector brands stand out from the crowd and better reach, engage with and market to their target audiences; all while providing independent artists with more income earning opportunities (and don't they need it).

Are you a growing business in the creative, health or hospitality sectors finding marketing to your audience to be too challenging, costly, or quite frankly ineffective using the same old expensive agencies and platforms that don't offer much in the way of distinct, niche specific, or affordable marketing solutions? Then we can help...

How would you like an established artist within your specific niche to endorse your brand to your exact target demographic?

All in just a few clicks and with secure payments that only go through once you have approved the content; as well as with subscription OR commission fees a fraction of the price of what's currently on the market.

By the way, music related content receives on average a 1% higher engagement rate than all other influencer categories; so what’s going to convert more customers, the same old content from the same old lifestyle influencers, or endorsement on the latest music videos and social content from established artists?

And you can even order customised music soundtracks for your own in-house marketing content!

And how about offline in-person advertising (yes, it still exists), as well as location specific marketing to highly engaged and localised audiences potentially just a few kilometres from your store or target location?

In other words, with just a few clicks you can sponsor the concerts and live events of established artists in your preferred locations easily and securely, to foster a more human to human connection with your target audience. Now if that doesn't set you apart from the crowd, I don't know what will!

Our roster of music micro-talent span across a range of music genres, audience demographics and locations. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness long-term, or execute short-term marketing activations to a specific audience at a specific time, we'll have a solution for you.

Your next marketing opportunity is right around the corner, so register now to reserve your spot on our platform completely free!