Artist Endorsement for Brands & SMEs

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If you're an independent business, niche brand or growing multinational company, a SoundSight business join SoundSight to:

- Find and connect with artist influencers that use and admire your products or services
- Select & order endorsement assets from your preferred artists from a wide range of different packages to suit your needs
- Increase your brand exposure across regions and platforms, and get your products or services seen by thousands of potential customers

- Your company is in the music, fashion, beauty, health & wellness, fitness or food & beverage industries
- You would like to market your business with a musical artist
- You have a minimum campaign budget of $50 a month


- Choose an artist who loves your products, makes music aligned with your business, and fits with your brand style and ethos
- Choose from artists with a wide range of social stats, and endorsement packages that cater to an array of different campaign objectives & budgets
- Your secure payments will only go through once endorsement posts have been delivered & approved, and all our artist influencers are vetted eliminating risk of influencer fraud

Sign up and we'll search our database for the most suitable micro-influencer artists at no cost whatsoever!