Business or Niche Brand Account

Open For Business

If you're a small to medium sized business (SME) or niche brand, a SoundSight business account will allow you to:

- Find and connect with unique artist influencers that use and admire your products/services
- Test the waters with post-by-post agreements or start long-term partnerships with brand ambassadors for no fee
- Increase your brand exposure across regions and platforms, and get your products/services in front of hundreds or thousands of potential customers

- Your business is an SME (although we do make some exceptions for independent music businesses)
- You would like to market your business with a musical artist


- Choose a brand ambassador who loves your products, makes music aligned with your brand values, and fits with your style and ethos
- Choose from artists with a wide range of social stats to cater to a range of different campaign objectives, and spend as little or as much as you'd like
- Just pay for influencer marketing posts with no service fees or extra costs (some small transaction fees may apply)

Make an enquiry, and we'll search our database for the most suitable established independent artists at no cost whatsoever!