Earning minimal income from your music, and struggling to source or manage relevant brand collaborations?

Well, you’re not alone, as over 70% of Independent artists make less than $10,000 dollars from their music annually, despite many having thousands of monthly listeners and fans. Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality of the music industry today.

But if you have over 8k followers/subscribers on social media we can help you earn more money through selling your content, offering your creative skills and leveraging your influence; finally giving you the full-time artist income you deserve.

With your free artist account you can list content packages for brands to sponsor directly on our marketplace; as well as apply to collaborate on brand campaigns they list on the platform. And the best part is, you get to keep over 90% of your earnings from deals!

We’re also developing features that will give any talented independent artist the chance to earn extra ancillary income through their live shows and creative skills with or without a huge social following – think music video collabs, custom sync deals, and even concert sponsorships.

SoundSight is your brand collaboration agent and manager, except we offer you full autonomy, transparency and flexibility with every deal. So don’t miss out on this growing income earner for countless signed artists in the industry today.

Once you’ve created your account, listed your content packages and set your prices…just wait for the sponsorship requests to roll in.

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Why Us?

Find Brand Collaborations

Get discovered by the most relevant brands in your niche, and offer your valuable creative skills for financially rewarding collaborations.

List Content for Sponsorship

No more emailing proposals or chasing up decision makers, list your content and creative services on demand for brands to order directly from your profile.

Get Paid Securely

Keep over 90% of your earnings with our low commission rates, withdraw funds to your PayPal or bank account, and start levelling up your income.

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